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Cover your home door knobs by aluminium foil

Home-improvementCover your home door knobs by aluminium foil

Have you ever been home alone and felt scared? To overcome this fear just cover the main door entrance door knobs or any other exit door knobs of your home with a simple aluminium foil. Wrap this versatile material that is easily available in your kitchen onto your door knobs and sit back and relax when you are home alone.

It looks like an foolish idea to Wrap foil around door knob when alone but rest assured it is not due to unique features found in the aluminium foil:

Reflection of light is created making it hard for anyone to look directly into it.

The noise is created by touch onto the aluminium foil.

It is a cheap and easy way to improve the security of your home.


Wrapping aluminium foil around door handles has many benefits for your home:

Aluminium foils acts as an conductor and prevents any unwanted electricity current.

If you have covered your door knobs  with  home aluminium foil and someone try to touch it than a sound is created giving you enough clue that someone is trying to open the door.

When you’re home alone and scared in night then make sure you have cover the aluminium foil around your door handles. The foil can really help increase the security of your home. Wrapping around the doorknob makes it  difficult for someone to turn that knob and enter your home.

Create a simple barrier that protect you from harmful germs. Aluminium foil is weather proof and has a smooth surface so germs and bacteria cannot penetrate or stick to it.

How to cover your home door knobs

If you are  home alone and looking for an extra layer of security, wrapping aluminium foil around doorknobs is a great way to deter thieves. The glossy surface of the film makes it difficult for potential thieves to grab the button, and the sound it makes warns of their presence. Cover your doorknobs by:

Cut the sheet long enough to wrap around the door  several times.

Wrap the film around the button, making sure it covers as much of the surface as possible.

Secure the end of the foil with tape or rubber.

Repeat for all exterior doors.

Reasons to Cover your home door knobs by aluminium foil

If you’re home alone and you’re worried about burglars, there’s a simple way to deter them:  wrap the doorknobs in foil. This may seem like a silly, but it is quite effective:

Thieves can easily open doors with just a credit card. If you have foil around the door frame, it will be much more difficult for them to open the door.

Foil makes a lot of noise when it’s moved, so it’s a great early warning system. If someone tries to break into your home, the aluminium foil will make a loud noise and hopefully warn of danger.

Foil is also a good conductor of electricity, so if someone tries to pick your lock with an electronic device, the foil will create interference and hopefully prevent a burglar from entering.

Wrapping a door frame in foil is just weird and frustrating. Most burglars are looking for easy targets and don’t want to bother with such weird security measures. So even if they  manage to bypass your other defences, they will probably just move on to an easier target.

Other measures

It is good to have a secured home environment by use of latest technology

Installing CCTV camera

Installing a deadbolt or good smart lock to your main entrance door or any other exit door

Place security bars at your home entrance door.

Light up your outdoors

Use of motion sensors


If don’t have any good security measures at your residence  and you’re home alone – Covering your home door knobs by aluminium foil is a preventive measure that can protect you.


Is it a myth that you have to cover door knobs with aluminium foil?

No, it isn’t a myth but a practical idea to cover your doorknobs with aluminium foil.

Can we use the wrinkled aluminium foil  to cover your doorknobs?

A fresh and neat aluminium sheet should be used to cover your home door knobs

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