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Pre-Sale House Cleaning Tips for Overlooked Areas

BusinessPre-Sale House Cleaning Tips for Overlooked Areas

Selling a house is a big decision for many homeowners. Amidst the house repair and negotiations, pre-sale house cleaning in Melbourne is still the least known. That is because people still think it will be the buyer’s responsibility once the key exchange happens.

Imagine pre-sale house cleaning as a key to unlocking the amazing offers, and you shall always look forward to it before selling the house. Apart from boosting the curb appeal, pre-sale cleaning gives an impression that the home is well-maintained.

But the question is, how pristine, clean look do you envision before selling the house? Is regular mopping, dusting, and brushing enough? Or do you want to look into deep cleaning methods? If you answered yes to the latter, this blog will discuss pre-sale house cleaning tips for overlooked areas.

Keep reading until the end to satisfy yourself with all the answers.

Importance of Pre-Sale House Cleaning Tips

Meets Buyer’s Expectations

Imagine yourself as a buyer walking into a house with super clean surfaces and tiles, neat walls, and polished fixtures. You will eventually buy the house because you love the cleanliness and already imagine living there. That is the power of cleaning the house months before selling and allowing visitors to take a house tour.

A well-maintained house makes you stand out from the competition. Especially when there are many in the queue. You can see a significant boost in the property value by ensuring your house goes through a professional cleaning service.

One tactic to meet buyer’s expectations in this regard is to ensure cleaning every area, even the ones you overlook, if you are investing in professional house cleaning.

Pre-Sale House Cleaning Checklist:

Here is the checklist to clean the entire house if you are considering pre-sale house cleaning in Melbourne.

●     Floors:

Washing off the stubborn dirt, grease and stains from the floors is essential. Cleaning the floors before selling the house can contribute to overall cleanliness while enhancing the freshness before buyers come for showings.

While any stain remover and regular hard floor mopping do the work, professional cleaning has a detailed approach that ensures a high cleaning standard.

How professional cleaners take floor cleaning:

  • Assesses the property’s specific cleaning needs, type of flooring, extent of dirt and stains, and presence of pets.
  • Uses a high-grade vacuum cleaner to remove dirt, stains, and grease sitting deep down in the carpets. Cleaners ensure deep cleaning of the carpets with specialised cleaners, paying particular attention to high-traffic areas.
  • Professionals use special floor scrubbers to clean the floor surfaces deeply. In some cases, floor stripping and waxing are also done. They ensure to reach corners, edges, or hard-to-reach spots, cleaning each space with attention to detail.

●     Kitchen:

Professionals start with an initial inspection of the kitchen area to see the present condition, size, and visible problem areas. While kitchen cleaning may look like a simple DIY task, it is pretty not. Expert cleaners utilise cleaning agents that are free from harsh chemicals and odour and are non-toxic responsibly to avoid later contamination.

How Professionals handle kitchen cleaning:

  • Assesses the kitchen areas that need thorough cleaning and identifies the fixture problems.
  • Use high-grade polishing to polish fixtures and look for faulty and leaking taps.
  • Deep clean kitchen countertops and wipe down cabinets and drawers using wood or surface cleaners.
  • Cleans the backsplash and kitchen walls, scrubbing grout lines to remove built-up grime.

●     Colourbond Roof

Cleaning colour bond roofs becomes vital after the house listing and before the visitor’s arrival. Roofs are often overlooked due to the conception that cleaning them will be of little use, and visitors will likely see no problems here.

To your surprise, roofs require a special and comprehensive cleaning process, especially when we talk about colour bond roofs. Here is how professionals undertake the colour bond roof cleaning process.

  • Professionals should ensure they have personal safety gear, stable ladders, and safety barriers before commencing the roof cleaning.
  • Assesses the condition of the colour bond roof, taking a close look into heavy stains, lichen, moss, or damaged coating.
  • Clears the leaves, branches, and other waste out of the roof.
  • Pre-wet the roof surface to lose the surface dirt before applying cleaning solutions.
  • Uses a suitable roof cleaning solution with a soft washing cleaning technique to get away with stubborn dirt.

●     Bathrooms

Besides colour bond roof cleaning, professional cleaners take immense care of bathrooms, which are often neglected. Here is how the cleaning process happens.

  • Check the corners, light fixtures, and exhaust fans for dust or cobwebs.
  • Cleans the exhaust fans and vent covers to check for dust, milds, and moulds.
  • Maintaining the tiles or other bathroom walls with efficient cleaning. Using soft bristle brushes for scrubbing the unwanted stains.
  • Depending on the cleaning surface, professionals clean and disinfect the shower and tub to remove mineral deposits and soap scum.
  • Disinfect and clean the toilet, including each area, with toilet bowl cleaner.

General Pre-sale Cleaning Tips

  • Declutter the house to remove your personal belongings. This will help professionals perform efficient cleaning and allow buyers to see the house as clean as new.
  • Clean the inside and outside of windows, including the blinds, to allow maximum sunlight inside the rooms. Many professionals involve window cleaning as part of a pre-sale cleaning service.
  • Schedule pest cleaning service to get rid of unwanted pests during the period.
  • Check on regular maintenance to speed up the deep cleaning process, including the colour bond roof cleaning.
  • Move furniture to a different location for some time to allow buyers to see the most amazing features of the house.


First impressions hold a special place; pre-sale house cleaning in Melbourne helps buyers decide the property’s value. Special attention to interiors and exteriors, cleaning bathrooms, kitchens, floors, and colour bond roofs will always pay off. Hiring a professional cleaner will help you save time, reduce stress, and allow you to manage your time on other critical house-selling tasks.

Remember, your aim should be to create a space for potential buyers where they can see themselves, even before the final approval.

Ready to amp up your house before selling? Call ABS Cleaning for pre-sale house cleaning or for other home & commercial services.

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