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Why Do Ants Infest Your House When it is Cold Outside?

Home-and-gardenWhy Do Ants Infest Your House When it is Cold Outside?

The appearance of ants in your house in winter may shock you. You may wonder why ants scurry about when it is cold outside. Ants are commonly seen in homes in summer, but there are reasons they can end up inside your house during the winter. These insects hibernate in winter because there is not much they can do during this season but rest. You can learn more about ant survive during the coldest months of the year below:

How Ants Survive the Cold

A lot of creepy crawlers, including ants, will emerge during springtime and die or hibernate in winter. Ants are among those that live under the right conditions. Several species of ants can live up to 15 years. 

Ants are skilled planners. Their colonies collect food during warmer months to have enough storage for winter. A lot of them dig deeper tunnels in the nest and block entrances in winter. Also, they eat a lot, so they have enough body fat to sustain when food is scarce. Although ants may hibernate, they do not go into a deep sleep in winter. Rather, their metabolism drops and they minimize their activity. The majority of ant colonies will survive as long as it’s not extremely cold. Ants that infest homes have a greater chance of surviving and thriving. 

Why Ants Infest Your Home in Winter

The following are reasons you might deal with an ant infestation in winter:

  • It is warm inside your house. Your home is equipped with internal systems controlled according to seasons and temperatures. Ants can infest your home in winter because their nest has been disturbed. 
  • Your home has ant nests. Ants may have built nests in your attic or basement. For these pests, manufactured structures are protections from the elements. Your home’s internal temperatures through the ant system are off the balance. The climate inside your house tells ants that they must work. it’s important to look for the colony and eliminate it. 
  • You are providing them with food. Ants can be infesting your house due to your kitchen and pantry supplies. Unlike other pests, ants can be problematic throughout the year. As long as there is food in your house they can get into, they will not leave your home anytime soon. Ants can do business as usual when you offer them the nourishment you need. Keep in mind that your house is toasty in winter, so ants do not have reasons to hibernate. They will terrorize and attack your food supply if you allow them. 

Dealing with Ant Infestations

Ant plays an important role in nature; however, they are not welcome in any home. If they infest warm hiding spots in your house like the walls, you may have to deal with them all winter. Below are tips you can consider to prevent seasonal ant infestations:

  • Seal up openings. Foundation and wall cracks or holes should be sealed to prevent ants from using them as pathways towards your house. Also, it is important to repair or replace door and window screens and ensure there are no gaps around them. 
  • Store food properly. Ants may be tiny; however, they have remarkable appetite. They can feast on your pantry and cabinets. To prevent this from happening, store food supplies in heavy plastic and glass containers. These pests can chew through cardboard and think plastic. Do not leave fruit or vegetables on counters and shelves. 
  • Handle pet foods. Fill the dishes of your fur friends with enough food they can consume right away. If there are leftovers, do not leave them sitting out. For ants, pet food is quite tempting. 
  • Keep your kitchen and pantry clean. Ants can infest your house no matter how clean it may be. But cleaning your kitchen and pantry regularly will make it less attractive to these pests.

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